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Thursday, 01 May 2008

First Entry!!!

Hiya all my readers! This is my first post here on my new blog! I'm so excited about this new idea of mine and I plan to keep everyone up to date about whats going on in my life! So visit regularly for all the latest news guys and girls.
Here are some things you should know about me:
  • I go to an all girls boarding school
  • I love watching Greys Anatomy
  • I bite my nails
  • I have an obsession about Hoodies (they're so awesome)
  • I think that rain rocks
  • I hate peas and avocado pear
  • I can't stand the Red Hot Chili Peppers
  • My best subject at school is History and my worst is Maths (its super boring)
  • I absolutely love RYAN SHECKLER (he is the hottest thing ever)
  • The best book I have ever read is Spud - its amazing

That's all the random facts I can think of right now! If anyone thinks of anymore that I should include let me know and I will add them into the list! Also, I want feedback on my Playlist that I added to my Blog. Please could everyone let me know whether you like it or not! And I don't mind criticism guys, so tell me straight what you think!

Here's what I did today (I'm gonna keep it brief as its really late and I might just fall asleep at my PC :-0):

Well, last night Moo and I slept over at Aly's house (it was a total jol)!!! We were awoken really early this morning because Aly had to go to Tennis lessons at 9 so we dressed at top pace and packed our bags into the car . . . after spending an hour and a half at the tennis courts with Moo chillin' in the car while Aly played tennis we got dressed and ready to go to Gateway shopping centre. We decided to watch a movie but had trouble picking one . . . eventually we decided on "Mad Money" and it was an awesome flick! I would recommend it to everyone as its really funny! After the movie we shopped around for a bit at Mr. Price, Rage and Indentity and then my grandfather came to pick me and Moo up. So we got ice-creams (I had chocolate and Milo flavour) and then we spent the next hour driving back home . . . thats about it for my day!

Signing out now ladies and gents! Its nap time . . . Sleep Tight!


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